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Working With Files Deep in Your Code

Hello, everyone! Before we get started, I want to let you know about our upcoming public seminar series, “(Even More) Python Basics for Experts.” Join James in this three-session series about (even more) Python basics for experts. He’ll tackle what’s real, how we can tell it’s real, and how we can do less work.

As you may already know, we frequently train corporate teams on topics such as introduction to Python, advanced Python, API design, data analysis, and much more! Our trainings always involve custom curriculum which we tailor to the needs of the team and balance with the expectations of management.

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Tables: Window Functions vs Group By

Both “window” and “group by” operations are used to perform operations across a subset of rows of a table. These rows are subsetted based on a unique grouping of values within a column.

For example the following table has 3 columns 'sensor', 'date', and 'temperature' to represent different temperatures collected by different sensors (presumably in different locations) across different days.

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