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Quordle: Strategies

Following up from last week where I worked on adapting the Wordle game engine to also play Quordle. I wanted to take some time to see if we can play Quordle smarter. To do this, I wanted to design a few “cross-board strategies” to play Quordle with. When playing 4 simultaneous Wordle boards where each guess you make is applied to all boards, there is an important decision to make: which board to I focus my attention on for any given turn? Do I attempt to solve one board entirely before attempting to guess another? Do I sequentially rotate amongst these boards each turn? These are examples of what I mean by a “cross board strategy”

To get started, let’s port over all of the Quordle Engine code from last weeks post, and check to see that it still works.

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Quordle: Engine

This week I wanted to revisit a fun project. Specifically, I wanted to try extending the code I wrote to play Wordle to see if I can get it to also play Quordle. For those of who are unfamiliar, Quordle is a similar word game to Wordle in that you guess 1 word per round to try and solve a puzzle. After each round you are provided with feedback per each letter with whether or not the letter appears in the word, appears in the word and is in the correct position, or does not appear in each word. Quordle takes this idea and adds another challenge: you must play 4 simultaneous games of Wordle.

When playing simultaneous games, you must use the same guess across all Wordle boards. For each round, you are provided with the same feedback and if you guess correctly you are finished with that specific board. This extension opens up for new and interesting strategies (which boards do I solve first, how do I go about picking good candidate words) as well as interesting models & maintenance of game state and display.

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Wordle From Scratch

This past week I led a live-coding seminar where I built and reviewed the popular word game Wordle from scratch. This was a fun live-coding project where I iterated on a few key components of the game. To start things off, we drafted all of the components needed to recreate Wordle:

An unknown word

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