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Pandas - What Else Can You .groupby?

Hey there! Welcome to the first DUTC newsletter of March 2022! We have had an action packed start to the year and are eager to keep the trainings coming. Next month, in March, we are unveiling a new lineup of weekly seminars titled: Confident Queries & Stronger SQL. Where we will help to not only refine your SQL skills, but also but also convey the underlying framework and mental models that power the most commonly used database querying language in the world. And if that isn’t enough to get excited about, then you should be excited for my next presentation where I’ll be comparing Pandas vs SQL to address the similarities and differences between these tools. What types of analyses are possible with either tool, how often do they overlap, and when they do- which one should I use? All of these questions and more will be answered this March! So make sure you register now for our SQL seminar series.

Not only do we have SQL sessions upcoming, but we also have an upcoming Developing Expertise in Python and pandas course this April 18-21! Our developing expertise courses are easily my favorite content we offer. The ability to sit down in a small group and address problems in a paired-programming environment provides the most impactful form of learning. Not only do you get to ask any question about syntax, concepts, and approaches- but you can do so in a safe environment while learning best practices within the PyData stack. If you want to bridge the gap from an intermediate Python programmer to become an expert Pythonista (RUN THIS TERMINOLOGY BY JAMES), then I can not recommend this course enough. We work tirelessly to create a balanced and custom curriculum to meet the goals of all of our attendees.

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