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Homogenous Computations: Thoughts on Generator Coroutines

Hello, everyone and welcome back to Cameron’s Corner! This week, I have a treat. We received a fantastic question in our Discord Server—which you should join if you haven’t yet—about the usage of a generator coroutine in Python. Specifically, the question sought to disambiguate the call of __next__ and .send(None) on a generator instance.

Before I get started, I want to remind you about the seminar coming up tomorrow, September 7th, titled, “How Do I Write “Constructively” Correct Code with Metaclasses & Decorators?” Join James Powell as he delves into the powerful concept of leveraging Python’s object construction mechanism to enforce code correctness. Discover how metaclasses, decorators, and other language features can be used to validate and coerce input data, define selective object hierarchies, and implement abstract base classes.

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