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Object Orientation & Update Anomalies

In our latest micro-training, “Good→Better→Best Python,” we’re talking about object orientation and approaches people take when using it in Python.

(If you’re not already signed up for “Good→Better→Best Python,” it’s not too late! You can join our next workshop on Friday, December 16th by registering here. If you purchase a ticket, we’ll bring you up to speed with a recording from the first workshop along with the notes/work problems to review.)

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Structured Objects: namedtuple

In one of our recent classes, the topic of structured objects came up. While discussing the tuple as an object that is typically used to model entities or tie together features of a single entity. In our discussion we compared the built-in tuple and namedtuple to assess the uses of either and see how we can improve the intent of our code using the namedtuple to model single entities.

Before we go too deep into the

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