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Statistical Models from formulas

This week, I taught a course on statistical modeling in statsmodels. For those of you who have never used or heard of this Python package, it began as a subpackage in scipy called scipy.models. However, as it grew in size and complexity, it was removed from scipy, and then it became its own package, statsmodels.

As a package, it is a great way to carry out statistical modeling as it provides a great deal of model introspection right out of the box, enabling users to fine-tune their model specification. In this regard, it is similar to the very popular scikit-learn package, but I have found the main difference between the two is that statsmodels is more for introspecting single models, while scikit-learn provides a powerful, object-oriented interface for creating predictive pipelines.

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The Central Limit Theorem - Visualized

We have exciting things coming up at DUTC! Our “No-Tears Code Review” workshop series is almost here: get actually meaningful feedback on your code, working directly with our instructors and a small cohort of attendees. Register for the series here and get 20% off!

For this week, I’m finally sharing the code I wrote to produce my visualization demonstrating the Central Limit Theorem! But before we get to the code, I wanted to discuss the impact of this visualization and how it can be interpreted.

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Estimating The Standard Deviation of a Population from a Sample

Welcome back to another edition of Cameron’s Corner! We have some exciting events coming up, including a NEW seminar series and a code review workshop series. In our brand new seminar series, we will share with you some of the hardest problems we have had to solve in pandas and NumPy (and, in our bonus session, hard problems that we have had to solve in Matplotlib!). Then, next month starting October 12th, we will be holding our first ever “No Tears Code Review,” where we’ll take attendees througha a code review that will actually help them gain insight into their code and cause meaningful improvements to their approach.

For Cameron’s Corner this week, I wanted to take some time to talk about another statistical visualization I’m working on that covers Bessel’s Correction. Ready for some advanced matplotlib with a sprinkle of statistics? Let’s dive in!

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The Central Limit Theorem

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