DUTC in 2023#

Happy 2023, everyone, and happy first Cameron’s Corner of the year! To kick things off, we already have an exciting lineup of courses planned as well as some tweaking of our previous courses to provide more polished content and a smoother experience for you all.

New Year, New Topics#

This year, we plan to focus heavily on the impact our trainings have on your career. With our audience in mind, we are working on more micro-training courses designed to demonstrate applicable programming skills and modes of thinking. So far we have announced “Design APIs your Users Love: Better Code-Sharing & API Design” to help formalize your learning of programming concepts that are often “learned on the job.”

This focus on critical skills for career development will help us better serve you in areas that are difficult to grow in simply from reading documentation. We want to make sure we’re teaching skills that you truly need. If you have a topic that you want to see a course on, please reach out to us

New Year, Familiar Topics#

I am in the middle of revamping a large number of our courses. While you may encounter these topics again this year, you’ll see them with a new spin. We also want to continuously improve the materials you take from each class. If you took a course with us near the end of 2022, you’ll notice we introduced a new website to more easily share course materials. This was just one example of the kinds of improvements we are making to our courses to make them more accessible and longer-lasting.

In addition to our course notes website, we are also planning to improve the quality and longevity of the notes themselves. While I can’t go into to too much detail about the improvements (we’ll update you on the details once everything is finalized), I can tell you that you can expect a large quality-of-life improvement to all of our trainings–past, present, and future.

Wrap Up#

That takes me to the end of this week’s blog post. We are very excited to share these improvements with you all this coming year. Thank you all for your support and I look forward to seeing you this year!