Consulting and training services in open source scientific and numeric computing technologies

Consulting and training services in open source scientific and numeric computing technologies

Consulting and training services in open source scientific and numeric computing technologies

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Our Services#

Dedicated sessions for building core Python, automation, software development, and data analysis skills

We have a wide range of training courses on offer, ranging from an intensive introduction to Python fundamentals to courses on advanced applications of Python for building large-scale, production systems.

By working with your team, we can craft targeted curricula to meet your training goals. We cover topics such as:

  • Scientific Computing with NumPy, pandas, and Xarray

  • Fundamentals of Programming for Analysts

  • Introduction to Python for Data Analysis

  • Mastering pandas for Data Analysis

  • Dashboarding & Data Pipelines in Python

  • Web Scraping & Text Parsing for ETL

Don’t see a topic you need? Get in touch with us at info@dutc.io to see how Don’t Use This Code can benefit your team!

Our experts work with your team to build and improve Production Systems, increase efficiency of data processing, develop custom solutions, and more.

Consulting with DUTC is focused on integrated sessions to build specific capabilities in automation or data engineers/analysis.

We are available for consulting services such as building scientific computing and numerical analysis systems using technologies like Python and React.

Some recent project topics our team has consulted on:

  • Architecture & Design: Streamlined access to on-device hardware telemetry via a custom internal REST interface that enabled the team to interact with various devices under a uniform API.

  • Prototype Development: Delivered new platforms for complex analysis of hardware failures. This included both front-end and back-end components to that empowered team members to rapidly produce new analyses of component-level failures. This prototype was designed to be a production service, and was readily handed off to internal teams to maintain.

  • Open Source Development: Our experts can help provide support for critical open source tools. This work typically includes porting existing repositories to recent versions of Python, generating tests to provide higher confidence in a given tool, and writing custom API wrappers to streamline internal use.

Focuses on prototyping and design of complex production-grade data engineering and automation systems; planned, designed, deployed in close collaboration together with team members

We offer guided collaboration with teams of non-software engineerings to help them employ cutting-edge, open source software approaches to automate and streamline their work. These custom coaching sessions are designed specifically to help your teams better implement system design, code review, and long-term planning. To ensure the success of your product.

Projects we’ve provided coaching for in the past include:

  • “Bootcamp” style workshops: intensive multi-day workshops

  • “Expert-in-Residence” training: biweekly sessions supported by instructor “office hours”

  • Role-based training: Core Python skills coupled with select Applied skills for different job functions (e.g., text processing, data visualization, automation)

  • Themed seminar series (large audience; lecture-style)

  • In-depth Discussion Groups (small audience; high interaction)

Need a customized style of coaching for your team? Get in touch with us at info@dutc.io to see how Don’t Use This Code can benefit your team!

Our Instructors#

James Powell

James Powell is the founder and lead instructor at Don’t Use This Code. He currently serves as Chairman of the NumFOCUS Board of Directors, helping to oversee the governance and sustainability of all of the major tools in the Python data analysis ecosystem (i.e., pandas, NumPy, Jupyter, Matplotlib). At NumFOCUS, he helps build global open source communities for data scientists, data engineers, and business analysts. He helps NumFOCUS run the PyData conference series and has sat on speaker selection and organizing committees for 18 conferences. James is also a prolific speaker: since 2013, he has given over seventy conference talks at over fifty Python events worldwide. In fact, he is the second most prolific speaker in the PyData and Python ecosystem (source: pyvideo.org).

Cameron Riddell

Cameron Riddell is a former academic researcher turned professional Python trainer. In his graduate studies, he investigated the intricate interplay between stress and memory in humans, alongside exploring computational models of visual working memory. His academic pursuits naturally steered him towards Python, a language he has mastered over a decade, with a strong focus on data analytics and scientific communication.

At Don’t Use This Code, Cameron is the go-to expert in pandas, polars, and Matplotlib. He adopts a data-driven, analytical approach to his work, contributing his expertise both within and outside the classroom. With a notable presence in the top 4% of contributors on Stack Overflow, Cameron is recognized for his ability to assist others in overcoming coding challenges. His academic background and aptitude for programmatic thinking enrich the training team at Don’t Use This Code.

Our Process#

Outcome Driven

Your team’s success is our success. Our team meets with managers and key stakeholders to cooperatively plan training outcome expectations. We then meet with your team members to communicate team-based goals, align their expectations with that of the key stakeholders, and assess baseline experience to develop a curriculum that ensure your team reaches their goals.

Concepts First

Don’t memorize the API, understand it. Our primary focus is for your team to develop a deep, intuitive understanding of whichever language/tool/library they need to learn. Instead of drilling syntax through singular features, we focus on teaching concepts to impart your team with the understanding they need to rapidly solve problems and spend less time wrangling code.

Customized Curricula

We never repeat a course. All of our curricula focus solely around your teams needs. We design exercises that support pre-planned course goals and meet attendees at their skill level, all while ensuring these exercises target real-world use-cases.

Active Learning

More than just a lecture. Research has repeatedly shown that active learning leads to better outcomes for the understanding and application. As such, our instructors engage your team with interactive demonstrations performing conceptual level knowledge checks along the way.

Review & Practice

Theoretical understanding & practical applications combined. We understand that learning occurs both inside and outside of the classroom. To further support your team we additionally provide resources for self-paced learning including pre-recorded videos, articles, code snippets, and practice problems.

Individual Support

Direct applications to your ongoing projects. As part of our commitment to your team, we encourage your members to individually meet with our instructors for project driven work sessions. In these sessions we aim to apply taught content to your team’s ongoing projects to make the most of your trainings.

Stay In Touch#

If you have any questions about our offerings, please emails us at info@dutc.io

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