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DUTC in 2023

Happy 2023, everyone, and happy first Cameron’s Corner of the year! To kick things off, we already have an exciting lineup of courses planned as well as some tweaking of our previous courses to provide more polished content and a smoother experience for you all.

This year, we plan to focus heavily on the impact our trainings have on your career. With our audience in mind, we are working on more micro-training courses designed to demonstrate applicable programming skills and modes of thinking. So far we have announced “Design APIs your Users Love: Better Code-Sharing & API Design” to help formalize your learning of programming concepts that are often “learned on the job.”

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi all, for the upcoming US holiday, I wanted to share some some turkey with all of you! Actually though, which I managed to make a turkey in everyone’s favorite drawing tool matplotlib.

While I would not recommend doing this, it was a fun way to learn more about some of the lower level interfaces that matplotlib offers. I hope you all enjoy the holiday if you are celebrating!

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